Tuesday, December 22, 2009

They Are Take Thuggin to Another Level in Roxbury

I was reading the Boston Herold today and came across this article.  Apparently this lady had to call the cops to get her son to stop playing Grand theft Auto.
An argument ensued as Mejia unplugged her son’s PlayStation. Then, this mad-as-hell mother dialed 911. Police responded and managed to talk the boy into shutting off the game and going to sleep.
LOL thats crazy. Sounds like the cops had to talk em down like a suicide jumper.  "Its going to be alright son. Just put the controller and step away from the Playstation." LMAO


  1. HAHAHAHAHA Wow I would never call the cops on my kids but that shits funny. Should have just beat his ass

  2. Really. Just beat his little 14 year old ass

  3. I cant front. I use to be one of those kids. The beating works trust me lol yall r right