Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year... What I learned in 2009

I learned a lot of things in 2009. You know what they say, you learn something new everyday. I'll share a couple of things I've learned this year that stick out in my head on this last day of 2009. Maybe you all can do the same. Just to reflect on the year that just past us by?


I have learned that it is more socially acceptable to be 16 and pregnant or 42 and single, than it is to be 26 and married with no children.


I learned that if you sell 110 million records and die, then you can sell a hell of a lot of T Shirts.

Chris Brown Gives a Crazy Fan the "You step two Step" on Stage... Nice Juke

Crazy Chick rushes the stage and Chris hits her with a nice juke @ 3:50

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Japanese Snuggie

If this isn't a joke then it is now. Lmao Japan has taken the snuggie and made a sleeping bag version. Never mind not having hands openings, my only question is, how do you pee?

Escaped Convict Continues to Update Facebook

For conspiracy theorist, such as my self, who think Facebook collects all your info and never deletes a message because FB is working with the FBI, this article is for you

Craig "lazie" Lynch, who defiantly can't be one of my Facebook friends cause he would have seen my conspiracy theory statuses, escaped from Hollesey Bay Prison in September. Lazie continues to update his Facebook page while on the run, to can keep his friends and family informed on what he is doing.

A recent update reads: "Trying to figure out my plans for New Years. I know what I want to do but its not that easy."

Guess I was wrong, or maybe they are just waiting it out so its not as obvious.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yeezy's Back!!! With an Okay Verse

Kanye is finally out of hiding in the US.  Spits a new verse on stage in LA. I think its meah.. Okay at best. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This is Good Music

For those that know me you know im pretty critical about the music bizz. I'm always saying shit is wack because... well... cause shit is wack. My problem is that I am one of those rare people who listen to lyrics and feel that good lyrics need good beats followed by a good hook. If any of those are bad its not a good song to me. I always get the question, "Moo if everything is wack what do you think is good?" So here you go.


They Are Take Thuggin to Another Level in Roxbury

I was reading the Boston Herold today and came across this article.  Apparently this lady had to call the cops to get her son to stop playing Grand theft Auto.
An argument ensued as Mejia unplugged her son’s PlayStation. Then, this mad-as-hell mother dialed 911. Police responded and managed to talk the boy into shutting off the game and going to sleep.
LOL thats crazy. Sounds like the cops had to talk em down like a suicide jumper.  "Its going to be alright son. Just put the controller and step away from the Playstation." LMAO

Friday, December 18, 2009

All You Black People Look Alike.... Ignorance is bliss

In my Jr year in college, the second day of class I stumbled into my 8AM American Literature course, a good twenty minutes late.  Assuming the teacher was going to give me some smart ass "don't disrupt my class" speech, I tried to hide in the back of the class without causing too much noise.  To my surprise the professor happily invited me to a seat in the front. She said, "Hey Danny, come sit up front." I thought, why the hell did she just call me Danny?  5 minutes later another student walking in named Danny.  It finally made sense why she called me that.  Danny was the other Black kid in the class.

My question too you guys is: Do you think all Black people look alike, and do you find people who do think so rude?

I must say, I can see how some people may feel like all Black people look alike. I mean, I think Asians look alike and I went to a high school full of Asians.  In fact, I've been in several awkward situations when I mistakenly tapped on some random girls shoulder and shouted out, "Hey Lin Nguyen." Sometimes I have a hard time with White people as well.  Following along with movies that have two main characters can gets a little confusing. ::Watching "Heat" and thinks to self:: Wait... wasn't that guy just trying to rob a bank? Now he's a cop??? wtf... lol... I don't care what you say Robert Deniro and Al Pacino look alike to me.

idk... I'm really curious as to what you guys think? Is it rude to think this? Is it Ignorant?  Holla at me peoples.

They say I look like this guy and everyone else with light skin with light eyes actually.

Omar epps - Dwyane wade

Jay-z - Bill Cosby 

Michelle Obama - Condoleezza Rice

Prince - Rihanna

Wyclef Jean - Will - I - Am

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Leave That in the 00's

A New Year is amongst us and this New Year is kind of special. Why you ask? Because it is the start of a new decade. That’s right the 01’s and the 03’s and the 0’shit!!! It’s really been ten years since Y2K!!! Wow, how the time fly’s, and speaking of flying, wasn’t our cars supposed to be flying by now? What’s up with that? It’s 2010 man. We gave them an extra ten years and these scientists haven’t even come up with those Nikes that lace themselves like in the “Back to The Future” movie:

I don’t know who I should talk to about that but I’m disappointed in whoever it is…

Anyways, back to the New Year… So every year we make a New Years resolution saying we will do this or that, and then we break it by 3pm Jan, 1st when we wake up. This year being the start of a new decade I wanted to do something a little different. As we enter the New Year and leave the old decade behind us, we should leave a few things with it.

So I have composed a list of 20 things we should leave in the 00’s. Enjoy…

1. The Nerd Look: Wearing suspenders and high waters. That look would have come in handy when I was younger and couldn’t afford my growth spurts. I had “he’ll grow into em” pants or “this boys growing too fast” jeans. But this isn’t then yall just look silly. Cut it out

2. Reality TV shows: Reality? They aren’t even realistic. A bunch of hot chick living in a house fighting for the love of some cracked out hype man. Give me a break. That isn’t real. If you really want Reality TV get your ass up off the couch and go outside. F your couch.

3. Krumping: You look like a crackhead giving birth

4. Soulja Boy: I know its not going to happen but it really should

5. Skinny Jeans: I did a keyword search the other day and found Men’s Skinny jeans were searched more then 3X as much as women’s skinny jeans. SMH. I don’t understand, why buy tight, tight pants that can’t even fit over your ass and then sag them so that they can be a little baggy. Why not just buy baggy jeans that fit?

Or get some of these...

6. Kanye West Glasses. They are just not cool.

7. Celebrity Drama: Do we really have nothing better to do with our lives then worry about who’s sleeping with Tiger and how hard Chris Brown can punch? Have our lives become that boring that we let celebrities lives take over ours? If so maybe we should all start a hobby, or find a new way to improve at our job or something. If we all did that then maybe, just maybe someone could finally come up with those Back to the Future sneakers I was talking about. I really wanted those things lol

8. Dance Step Songs: Cha Cha Slide, and Heeeey Margarina blew up because they were some what original and fun. The new electric slides, but now they are like spamming the radio waves. Supper man, Halle Berry, Ricky Bobby, Jerk, 2 Step, Walk it out, Lip Gloss STOP IT PLEASE YOUR KILLING ME!!!

9. UGG’s: Ladies really love these UGGLY things and I dont know why. To make matters worst, some how it became cool to wear them in 90 degree weather

10. Auto Tune: I don’t know if its just me but when rappers use Auto Tune they sound like they are drowning in shitty water

11. Speaking in Acronyms: OMG why do people say LOL when they are face to face with a person? SMH, you do realize that you could actually laugh out loud if the person says something that makes you ROFL

12. Crocs: They look like a bucket that I use to play with in my sandbox.

13. RAP BEEF: First it was Biggie vs Pac, then Jay-z vs Nas and after people seen how much money they were making off of “beef” everyone wanted to do it. Then we got whole crews like Dip Set vs Roc’a Fella, too 50 cent vs “anyone that’s kind of hot around the time 50’s album is coming out,” too Eminem vs Boy bands, pop stars, and old people. You know it’s bad when Mariah Carey has a diss record. Its all WWE anyways, I miss the days when artist came together and made hot collaborations like “4, 3, 2, 1”.
**Yes I’m aware there was beef’s before Big and Pac and that 4, 3, 2, 1 was the song that started the Canibus vs LL BS but you get what I’m saying man**

14. Myspace

15. Parody Movies: “Don’t be a Menace,” funny; “Scary Movie 1,” funny; everything else terrible.

16. The 80’s: When you’re walking down the street with a 2 foot high-top fade, a dookie chain, and a 10 pound Boom Box that hold only two 90 minute cassette when an iPod Nano holds 8GB of music, you have taken it way too far.

17. BCS: It doesn’t even make sense. Who thought of using calculations and formulas to vote on who the best competing team is? Whatever happened to competing for number 1?

18. American Idol:

This use to be entertaining but when Sanjia makes it to the top 12 its time to call it quits.

19.leopard print Snuggie

20. Payphones

Who needs em...


+1. Girls Taking Pix on the Toilet 

+2. Ed Hardy

+3. Half Shaved Head

It really doesnt work unless ur as fly as Cassy anyways

+4 Afro Mullet

Yeah you tried it, you know who you are

Saturday, December 12, 2009

42 Things That Use to Be Popular But Fell Off ByThe End Of This Decade

1. Blackplanet, Migente
Went from over 2,000,000 people online at any moment to under 10,000 people online. Screen shots

2. Girbauds Spraps

3. XXXXL White T-Dress… I mean shirts

4. Ja Rule 

5. Cornrows 

Side note: I just realized they are called cornrows and not cornrolls. After all these years the name finally makes sense to me lol

6. Diplomats 

“DIP SET!!! DIP SET!!! DIP SET!!! Jimmy is still doing he’s thing but that’s about it.

7. Throwbacks Jersey's

8. Gucci Forces
                  We forced it.

9. League Jackets

**side note, while searching for these I came across this. WTF!!!!***

10. Free

11. Avirex

12. Roc a Wear

**Dame clearly was the brains behind the clothes**

13. Von Dutch trucker hats

14. JIN from freestyle Friday (Jin Got Beasted)

only clip i could find of this. The last line is mad funny.

15. Slits on the side of you jeans. A.K.A Homemade boot cut

16. And 1 mix tape

17. Jersey dress

18. Allen Iverson

"What are we talking about?  Practice???"

19. Lil Jon.


20. Showing your Thong... Thank you Sisqo.

And speaking of which...

21. Sisqo

22. Yahoo! Google smashed Yahoo

23. PC's
P.S I hate my PC!!!

24. American Idol

25. Pink

26. Cd player

Cant front, I didn't get rid of mine till like 2007 no Bull lol

27. Mini Disc

28. Al Gore

29. Boy Bands

"baby Bye! Bye! Bye!"

30. Baggy Clothes

31. Crip walking

32. Harlem Shake

32/33. The Heal toe, and The Logon

34. Nextel

"Please hold while the Nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is located…."

35. Two Way Pagers

36. Snake

37. Razor Scooter

38. Kazaa

39. Analog cameras

40. VHS

41. Capri pants

42. TRL

More to come...