Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This is Good Music

For those that know me you know im pretty critical about the music bizz. I'm always saying shit is wack because... well... cause shit is wack. My problem is that I am one of those rare people who listen to lyrics and feel that good lyrics need good beats followed by a good hook. If any of those are bad its not a good song to me. I always get the question, "Moo if everything is wack what do you think is good?" So here you go.



  1. i've been listening to black & gold all week! (from the Obsessed movie intro) sexy song!!

  2. Man that movie had wifie looking at me all strange. Im like Its a movie i didnt even do shit lol Good song though. I fucks wih J cole to

  3. Thats where you got that line from huh "Ms. High Profile seen you shopping on Canal. Guess it only makes sense you as phony as your style" hahaha that a lot of chicks right there