Friday, December 18, 2009

All You Black People Look Alike.... Ignorance is bliss

In my Jr year in college, the second day of class I stumbled into my 8AM American Literature course, a good twenty minutes late.  Assuming the teacher was going to give me some smart ass "don't disrupt my class" speech, I tried to hide in the back of the class without causing too much noise.  To my surprise the professor happily invited me to a seat in the front. She said, "Hey Danny, come sit up front." I thought, why the hell did she just call me Danny?  5 minutes later another student walking in named Danny.  It finally made sense why she called me that.  Danny was the other Black kid in the class.

My question too you guys is: Do you think all Black people look alike, and do you find people who do think so rude?

I must say, I can see how some people may feel like all Black people look alike. I mean, I think Asians look alike and I went to a high school full of Asians.  In fact, I've been in several awkward situations when I mistakenly tapped on some random girls shoulder and shouted out, "Hey Lin Nguyen." Sometimes I have a hard time with White people as well.  Following along with movies that have two main characters can gets a little confusing. ::Watching "Heat" and thinks to self:: Wait... wasn't that guy just trying to rob a bank? Now he's a cop??? wtf... lol... I don't care what you say Robert Deniro and Al Pacino look alike to me.

idk... I'm really curious as to what you guys think? Is it rude to think this? Is it Ignorant?  Holla at me peoples.

They say I look like this guy and everyone else with light skin with light eyes actually.

Omar epps - Dwyane wade

Jay-z - Bill Cosby 

Michelle Obama - Condoleezza Rice

Prince - Rihanna

Wyclef Jean - Will - I - Am

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