Saturday, December 12, 2009

42 Things That Use to Be Popular But Fell Off ByThe End Of This Decade

1. Blackplanet, Migente
Went from over 2,000,000 people online at any moment to under 10,000 people online. Screen shots

2. Girbauds Spraps

3. XXXXL White T-Dress… I mean shirts

4. Ja Rule 

5. Cornrows 

Side note: I just realized they are called cornrows and not cornrolls. After all these years the name finally makes sense to me lol

6. Diplomats 

“DIP SET!!! DIP SET!!! DIP SET!!! Jimmy is still doing he’s thing but that’s about it.

7. Throwbacks Jersey's

8. Gucci Forces
                  We forced it.

9. League Jackets

**side note, while searching for these I came across this. WTF!!!!***

10. Free

11. Avirex

12. Roc a Wear

**Dame clearly was the brains behind the clothes**

13. Von Dutch trucker hats

14. JIN from freestyle Friday (Jin Got Beasted)

only clip i could find of this. The last line is mad funny.

15. Slits on the side of you jeans. A.K.A Homemade boot cut

16. And 1 mix tape

17. Jersey dress

18. Allen Iverson

"What are we talking about?  Practice???"

19. Lil Jon.


20. Showing your Thong... Thank you Sisqo.

And speaking of which...

21. Sisqo

22. Yahoo! Google smashed Yahoo

23. PC's
P.S I hate my PC!!!

24. American Idol

25. Pink

26. Cd player

Cant front, I didn't get rid of mine till like 2007 no Bull lol

27. Mini Disc

28. Al Gore

29. Boy Bands

"baby Bye! Bye! Bye!"

30. Baggy Clothes

31. Crip walking

32. Harlem Shake

32/33. The Heal toe, and The Logon

34. Nextel

"Please hold while the Nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is located…."

35. Two Way Pagers

36. Snake

37. Razor Scooter

38. Kazaa

39. Analog cameras

40. VHS

41. Capri pants

42. TRL

More to come...

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