Monday, November 23, 2009

oxyMORONS... The Workout Room

So I gave my weight bench to my cousin who said he was going to turn one of the rooms in his house into a workout room, right. I went over there yesterday to do a few sets, I'm getting a little out of shame so I'm trying to bring sexy back like Justin. What do I see when I get there? Cigarette butts, roaches, and candy wrappers all over the place. To top it off their is only like 20 pounds on the bar. lmao My guess is they smoked a blunt and a few cigarettes, ate some candy to "fuel up" but they didnt want to blow their high so they only put 20 pounds on the bar to work out with. lol

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  1. hey man, i just saw your comment on my blog about your dad playing on that world experience orchestra LP

    i would love to ask him some questions