Thursday, November 26, 2009

Man vs Car

The other day I had a little showdown with my car. See me and this car have kind of a love hate relationship going on. It serves its purpose most of the time, but it loves to F with me. It likes to do little annoying things, for example the "Check Engine" light will be on for days, but when I bring it by a mechanic it will magically turn off making me look like an ass.

So I was driving to work the other day, it was one of those mornings where all the windows in the car fog up so you cant see a damn thing. I turn on the heat to defog the window but it was too hot for heat. I then turned on the AC but it was too cold for AC. So I rolled down the window but then it started to rain. FML Car: I, Man:0

Next I'm leaving work and my car battery dies. WTF, a guy at my job tells me he has an Easy Quick Jumper, an "Easy Quick Jumper" uses the cigarette lighter to jump your battery. Ironically this turned into a hard and long ass process. During this process some how the car that was giving me a jump, died. FML Car: II, Man:0

Finally I get a real jump and I'm on my way home. As I drive down the road, telling my car how much of a piece of sh@# it is I hit grid lock traffic.  I decide to cut through West Roxbury because I know there is another way to get to my house through West Roxbury.  After about 20 minutes I get lost and decided to use my GPS so it can find me. I use the GPS and it takes me right the way back to where I started in the first place. FML Car:III, Man: 0.

You win this one Car but just remember P residence Day is right around the corner.

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