Sunday, October 18, 2009

Funny Story, (not really funny but go with it ok)

For my high school graduation in 2002 my dad gave me his entire collection of records. My dad is a musician and his music means everything to him. With that being said it was a nice gesture but in the back of my mind I was thinking "why on earth would he give me these. I don't have a record player and I really don't like his crazy taste in jazz." However I accept it anyways and thank him.

In 2006-2007 my father moved into a nursing home upon getting sick. I get a call from a strange English man. He tells me that my father sold him one of his old record, however, he never delivered it because he got sick.. Immediately I thought, "wow he is selling the records he gave me." After a while I figured it was nothing to fuss about because I would never listen to it anyway. The man goes on to tell me how the record was only worth 30 or 40 dollars but he over paid my dad for the record because he really, really wanted it. So I go to my dads house to collect the record and mail it to the man but I couldn't find it. I contacted the English man and tell him that the record was not there. We made arrangements to meet so that I could give him back his 210.00 dollars that he paid my father. The English man contacted me several times over a span of about a year or so, asking if I could try to find the record. He even offered to pay me to find it.

Eventually I go back to his house and I find the record. I pick it up and see that my father is listed on the credits and I see a picture of him on the cover. I say to myself "I cant sell this album. It is one of the few things my dad has ever given me. Its priceless to me." So I bring it home. A few months pass and I get word that all of the things in my fathers apartment had been thrown out by his landlord. He had lost his apartment so the landlord threw out all of his belongings. Everything of his had been lost.

It's October 18, 2009, nearly 3 years later and while I am packing to move into my new apartment, I found the album I took from my Dad's apartment; I totally forgot that I had it. For some reason I decide to Google the Title of the record, The World's Experience Orchestra - The Beginning of a New Birth, and the first link I see is this Top 5 ebay Vinyl Record sales week ending 09/19/2009 and number 3 on the list is none other then The World's Experience Orchestra - The Beginning Of A New Birth, which sold for $2,127.00.


  1. CRAAAAAAAAAAZY to think that a record that featured my dad is worth $2,127.00 and I almost let my dad sell it for $210.00. Not only that, but if that strange English guy had not called me I would have never taken the record out of my dads apt before they threw all his stuff out. WOW what a funny chain of events that was.

  2. Thanks for the story and sorry to hear about your father - what was his name? This record is a favorite of mine as well. I'm from the Boston area so I've tried to find as many of these obscure records as I can, but like you found out, many have turned into cult collectibles. I still can't bear to part with mine.

  3. Hey Andrew my dads name is Raqib Hassan. He is still alive just really sick thats all.