Saturday, August 28, 2010

Supra Super Biters

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I was introduced to Supra's most popular shoe, the Skytop 1, one day when my cousin purchased a pair. He was so ecstatic about purchasing his first Supras but when I looked at them I felt like I was in the twilight zone. I had seen them before, maybe in another life time or something. Then I realized that they looked a lot like Adidas.

supras fake adidas

Sure they changed it up a little and added some different coloring. However, notice the strips on the side of the skytops, if you colored them the right way it would be the three stripe logo.

adidas stripssupra strips bit adidas

Also, note the little X design on the top by the ankle. It looks a lot like the X on the form minus the straps.

adidas forum supra copysupra copy adidas

Now some of you may think i'm reaching but here's the kicker. The Supra logo looks almost identical to the Adidas logo.

Supra logo copy adidas logoSupra bit adidas

Well if you still don't see the light that Supra is a knockoff here is some more. These don't even need a breakdown.

Adidas Top Tens

Supra Suprano hi copy adidas

K Swiss fake suprah

Supra Skytop 1 fake K Swiss

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suprah fake jordans

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