Friday, May 29, 2009

::Cough Sneeze Cough Cough Sneeze Sneeze:: I hate being sick. VIRUSES ARE SO STUPID!!!

Have you guy heard of that crazy thing that's been taking over the air ways like it's a new cheap airline that fly's from Boston to LA with Wi-Fi, and spacious seating for those of us who do not have fold away legs like a flamingo? Of course you have. I like to call it the "pork cold" but you may know it as the "swine flu."

When I first heard of the virus I thought back to when my mother told how viruses work. How they latch onto a host, in our case the host is a human, then spreads throughout the person’s body. She explained how viruses eat away at the body destroying tissues and cells, and throwing off our equilibrium which is why we get sick. Eventually we get rid of it or die from it. As a 12 year old child I immediately thought "what a stupid thing. Doesn't it realize if it destroys its host it will also die? Why wouldn't it just live off of people’s tissues discreetly so that it doesn't kill the person which in turn will cause it to die?"

Even to this day when I think of viruses I think "what a pointless creature." But I have come to realize that people are nothing more than a different form of virus. Our host is the earth which we spread across like wild fire destroying its natural framework with drilling, mining, pollution, liter, smog and all other forms of waste. We do this knowing that if we kill our host we will kill ourselves, yet we still spread and destroy. The two are so similar that it almost makes you wonder if these little microscopic organisms have minds of their own and stressing over work and crying over boyfriends. In any cause if we really are nothing more than a big strand of a virus, the destructive behaviors humans portray further proclaims the fact that VIRUSES ARE STUPID!

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