Sunday, August 23, 2009

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RT @moonair @MysJaye good morning @Jhoanka buenos dias @MedgyRome Sapa se @bexudoce: Cuze @cyntcity i cant speak native american but ill try, "Hi Hoe
10:24 PM May 10th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair I'm just a Squirrel tryna eat so get off my nuts
6:24 PM May 10th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair #RIP to people over 18 that Typ3 liik3 tHiS, have sidekicks, and listen to soljah boy
10:59 PM May 18th from web

RT @moonair U know the economy is bad when even the price of beggers go up. Had a bumb just ask me for $5 lmao
2:28 PM May 26th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair Spooning is cool but no way near as fun as forking. I guess I'm more of a sporker lol
12:56 AM May 27th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair ever been at work on FB or twitter and find urself getting mad when someone comes and asks u to do some work lmao
1:08 PM May 28th from web

RT @moonair I'm drunk and ur Fat
1:30 AM Jun 7th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair Really Mr. Nguyen? Do I really look like someone whos tryin 2steal ur 1.79 waters? $1.79? Ur the 1 robbing me. I should be followin u around
4:20 PM Jun 15th from UberTwitter

Rt @moonair #whydo spanish people put stickers that say Corolla on the wind shield of their Corolla
1:42 PM Jul 9th from UberTwitter

Rt @moonair #chicksbekillingme when they got all fake ish. Bag, shoes, clothes, teeth, nose, breast, nails, hair and swear they r keepin it real
10:07 AM Jul 29th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair #chicksbekillingme when I see lesbians tryin their hardest to look tough... get ur duck tape titty ass out of here lol
9:09 AM Jul 29th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair #chicksbekillingme when they get smashed by some D celebrity n start thinkin they r 2 good 4 niggas. "Excuse me. I'm a High Class Jump Off"
9:14 AM Jul 29th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair If ur boldin and u still got corn rolls, only on the side or overlaying ur big bald spot, #itsaboutthattime
3:58 PM Jul 30th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair If ur job hunting and ur email still reads something like babysurgebearphattyXOXOXO@BLACKPLANET.COM #itsaboutthattime "kill urself" lmao
5:42 PM Jul 30th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair She could sell the sand man a dream and lease Obama some hope lol

RT @moonair dnt b mad @me we need eachother, I'm like the nipple to ur boob. Now what's a booby without its nipple? come on now
8:35 AM Aug 4th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair I'm like 1 big ball of talent just waiting to bust a nut
9:09 AM Aug 4th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair its getting late im about to call it a night... Hey IT!!!! Ur a night!!!!
10:26 PM Aug 5th from web

RT @moonair y the f do automated services ask u for all ur info. #, password, SS blood type. n when a person picks up they ask u 4all the same ish
3:39 PM Aug 10th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair I personally think I deal wit awkward situations pretty well. But then again maybe its cause I usually am the 1 who initiate the awkwardness
12:02 PM Aug 13th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair #thirstythursdays shout 2 thirsty fellas that bother evry girl @the cornermall "U da finest thng in the world ma" wht? Fuk u then bit**" lol
4:35 PM Aug 20th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair #pickupline If a shorty says urcute say "u think I'm cute now? well I look 10X better when UR drunk" easy way to go out 4drnks lol
3:28 PM Aug 19th from UberTwitter

RT @moonair I'm a lover not hater
9:21 AM Aug 19th from UberTwitter

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